How It All Started

2009 March 8

Want to know how the idea for MentalHealthCamp started?

This all started with Coping Digitally – click here to see what it’s all about

Thanks to Airdrie for kickstarting everything – here’s a link to her NV09 abstract and her original blog post on the topic.

Thanks to Tod and Isabella for opening up to the world and sharing their stories too. Thanks to Tris as well for sharing his.

Follow up articles:

Isabella’s gathering place for all thoughts on topics and things that need to be discussed – click here to see that blog post.

Raul’s proposal of Mental Health Camp – many useful comments are also stored here – click here to read that blog post

Isabella’s proposal of Mental Health Camp – read the comments – click here to read that blog post

If you want to know when and where Mental Health Camp takes place – go here.

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  1. 2009 March 10

    My girlfriend also does similar mental health camps here in Melbourne Australia – more information here

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