Mental Health Camp in Toronto a Huge Success

2010 May 29
by moritherapy

Yesterday was the day of the second Mental Health Camp – this time in Toronto. It sounds like it was a fabulous success. Raul and I are humbled and hope that Vancouver’s second Mental Health Camp will measure up. Here are some tweets from participants in Toronto:

A raging success

@kevinclauson I think people believe #MHCTO was a “raging success” Any cool media opps lately?

Amazing people @mhcto incl @depression2_0 my heart is full of appreciation, gratitude & new ways of communicating #mentalhealth

RT @cborlido: Feel inspired by Mental Health Camp and walked out feeling a little more tech savvy.

Best part of #mhcto? It was a safe space. No one called me a drug addict for taking meds. Unlike other places on the net.

Leaving an emotional and satisfying close to #mhcto. An amazing group of people.

Some links

@mhcto @depression2_0 @AureliaCotta @comingoutofdark ‘s response 2 Depression? It’s just the new trendy illness!

@mhcto @depression2_0 @aureliacotta have u seen this tragedy? –Depression? It’s just the new trendy illness!

check out the schedule of topics discussed at Mental Health Camp Toronto #mhcto MentalHealthCamp TO


RT @comingoutofdark: RT @sharingstrength: What is the wishlist to create a peer support community. Will start with #mhsmca to meet Tuesdays at 7pm EST

RT @hummingbird604: .@MHCTO @MadPsych Awesome to hear you’ll be on @CBCSpark – thanks @nora300 for making it happen!

@madpsych Well done with #mhcto! I hear it might come to UK? I’m writing a mental health feature & would love to discuss #mhcto with you

Other Stuff

My #mhcto tweeps should follow @kgranju because she has the uncommon bravery to blog about her son’s battle with #addiction

Thanks+#FF for 4000km combined travel to get to #mhcTO. @outofshell @gordonglenn @depression2_0 Rangers all.

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