Mental Health Camp Vancouver ’10 proposed dates and theme

2010 January 28
by hummingbird604

Isabella and I had been thinking about holding Mental Health Camp after the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. We have been trying to keep the dates fairly flexible as we don’t want to clash with any of the other big social media conferences (Northern Voice 2010 and WordCamp Vancouver 2010). So, as soon as we learned that NV ’10 would be the weekend of May 8th and 9th, and that WordCamp Vancouver might be in June, we thought July would be perfect for Mental Health Camp Vancouver.

We are proposing July 10th as the date for MHC YVR ’10 and the theme to be “Stigmatization Through Silence”. All thoughts and feedback most welcome. The hashtag for Mental Health Camp Vancouver ’10 is #mhcyvr10 and you can follow along the Twitter account MentalHealthC.

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  1. 2010 January 28

    thanks for putting this up, raul!

    “stigmatization through silence” – while i like the topic (what can i say, i came up with it 🙂 i’d like to find a catchier wording. i’ll tweet about it and see if people can come up with something better …

  2. 2010 January 30

    What about something more positive, using a techie word – like “Unhide Yourself and Join the Seen” (ie. scene)

  3. 2010 January 30

    Terrific! What a way to celebrate my birthday! (also international Put Some Fucking Pants on, Freelancers Day)

  4. 2010 January 30
    Scribecalledsteff permalink

    Simplify it: “The Shame of Silence” ?

    Could do a subtitle: “The Shame of Silence: Breaking the Shackles” ? Or something.

  5. 2010 February 3

    great ideas!

    another one that came up: “silence hurts, voices heal”

  6. 2010 March 2
    Marie Carter permalink

    I like the “Unhide Yourself and Join the Seen” which is catchy and then as a subtitle ‘Stamp Out the Stigmatizing Silence around Mental Health Issues” to give people an idea what the conference is about on the posters.

    The Unhide Yourself brings up all kinds of promotional ideas like itunes like buttons people could wear or t-shirts in the main event colour with just the words in block letters UNHIDE YOURSELF in black or white. Similar to the ad campaign a few years ago ‘CHOOSE LIFE”.

    I like it.

  7. 2010 May 19

    Wow I only saw the theme now and it’s so incredibly timely for me.

    I think the whole “coming out” issue is tricky and complex, but potentially very rewarding and healing.

    I’m so grateful to you two and all the others that made last year happen. Very excited for this year, time to buy my plane ticket soon I guess!

    in love and gratitude,
    A.J. (formerly John Anonymous, but anonymous no longer)
    .-= A.J.´s last blog ..What if contentment was a game? =-.

  8. 2010 June 2
    Monique permalink

    Just a suggestion….. “If they don’t hear, they can’t know!”

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