Mental Health Camp Vancouver 2009 was a success!

2009 April 25
by hummingbird604

I am truly honored and blessed to have had a chance to work with Isabella Mori organizing Mental Health Camp. It was, as Isabella clearly mentioned, something magic. The descriptors I found for the event, as I mentioned in a tweet, are:
– solidarity
– inclusiveness
– love
– warmth
– understanding
– openness
– de-stigmatizing
– constructive
– learning
– community

Isabella and I are going to take a much needed short break after 2 months of hard work planning, but we want to thank sponsors, presenters, participants and volunteers. You rocked our world. You really did.

Two special shout-outs to the participants and presenters who came from out of town and even from a different country! (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle). We are happy to report that there are at least 7 cities worldwide interested in replicating the Mental Health Camp model.

We will try to upload as much content that was shared as possible, on to the website, within the next week. We also plan to have the Replication Model Report (for those people who are interested in replicating Mental Health Camp Vancouver 2009 worldwide) available online. We appreciate, of course, all the feedback possible from the participants.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was a pleasure and an honor.

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