2009 July 6
by moritherapy

Moderators, please indicate in the comments which slot you would like to take. The description of the program content is here.

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  1. 2010 July 6

    Oops, there is a mistake re the panel. It should read “Terra, Steven, Steff, Catherine”

  2. 2010 July 7
    Glenn Mori permalink

    What you mean by “slots” isn’t clear for me.

    At first glance it looks like you mean the choice is between “Room 1” “Auditorium” or “Atrium”? That would mean you are asking the mods to do so for the entire day?

    Or are the “slots” the rows, meaning that you envision a different mod for each time block of the camp? If so, then to announce upcoming events, mods would need to remember to be looking ahead to events that happen after their slot.

  3. 2010 July 7
    Glenn Mori permalink

    lol my old avatar that it dug up.

  4. 2010 July 7

    hgood question! by “slots” i mean which time segment.

    anne from creative fusion is interested in the 9:35-10:20 slot.
    .-= isabella mori´s last blog ..focusing- body and mind at the murky edge =-.

  5. 2010 July 8
    glenn mori permalink

    Well, I could take the next, including coffee, I guess.

    10:20 – 10:40
    10:40 – 11:25

  6. 2010 July 9

    I’d be willing to moderate on twitter. Is the slot from 1:45-2:30pm Room 1 AJ taken? I’m assuming we can only do one segment at a time otherwise it would be too confusing for people to follow.

    I’d be logged in as NAMIMass

  7. 2010 July 9
    Taryn permalink

    Hi Isabella. Could you clarify whether taking a time slot across the board also means being in one room at a time (therefore 3 bodies would be needed for each time slot)? I’d like the 11:30 to 12:15 slot, if possible, as I will have to be elsewhere by 2:30. I don’t mind where.

  8. 2010 July 9

    hi all

    thanks for participating, and for the questions!

    there is no need to focus only on one presentation. the role of the moderator, as i imagine it right now, is simply to be there for anything related to the #mhcyvr10 hashtag during the time you are moderating.

    cindy, it would be great if you could also sign in as a moderator because we will be telling people that there will be moderators for the conference. this is why, in the email i sent, i suggested you use something like hootsuite or tweetdeck – that way you can run both your account and the moderator account. of course it would be great if you could say a few things as @namimass because you have such a big name in the mental health twitter community.

    thanks, and i’m really excited!
    .-= isabella mori (@moritherapy)´s last blog ..wordless wednesday- dances with swans =-.

  9. 2010 July 9

    Ok, I have a better understanding of what you want. I’m still interested in taking part at the time slot I already indicated and I have hootsuite so I can be both moderator and NAMIMass. Thanks for the compliment by the way.

    So what #moderator would I be? You have 3 designations for moderators. I’m assuming that there won’t be 3 of us on at a time but that you and Paul would be coming in from time to time as the other moderators or participants?

  10. 2010 July 9


    What ones are left? I can take more than one, and fill in which ones aren’t taken by tomorrow! 😀

  11. 2010 July 9

    @germaninalabama will take the lunch slot.

  12. 2010 July 10

    Hey it was fun and I wish I’d been there!

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