Update: Speakers, Proposals

2009 March 26
by moritherapy

We are getting some interesting speaker proposals and are looking forward to pouring over them and seeing which ones we can fit in.

However, we would like to have more still, perhaps on these topics:

  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Family members with mental illness
  • Medications

Here are examples of types of proposals we will give preference to:

  • Speakers who discuss their direct experience with mental illness
  • Proposals that give examples of how social media can be useful for people experiencing or recovering from mental illness
  • Proposals that promise to tell a good story
  • Proposals that ask deep/interesting/useful questions
  • Proposals with high audience involvement
  • Proposals that suggest novel solutions
  • Proposals that are a direct reply to the topics posted on Isabella’s blog when this all started

Proposals that are primarily self-help “how to’s” (e.g. how to use yoga to help with depression) or are mostly aimed at showcasing someone’s expertise will have a smaller chance of being selected.

Deadline for proposals is 12 pm Pacific Daylight Time, April 8.

For more info on session proposals, see here.

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  1. 2009 April 6

    I have just started this website and am the guest speaker at our 4 county NAMI meeting in May. I am still reading up on your website, but would be interested to know if you feel my personal story, which is “Harrison’s Story” would be something you are interested in hearing more about.

    Thank you for your time,

    Cory Dobbelaere

  2. 2009 April 6

    it sounds interesting, cory. are you in canada?

    isabella mori’s last blog post..inspired!

  3. 2009 April 7

    No, I am not in Canada, USA – Ohio. I apologize that I have not taken the time, as yet, to read this website. Hope all is well.

  4. 2009 April 9
    gaard permalink

    Dear Isabella.
    That is clever.
    U know, – stigma does it´s math. It alwayy get an A+.
    Morten, Denmark.

  5. 2009 April 14

    I think a lot of the new mental diseases are caused by bad diet. Simple choices in foods can make a huge difference in your mental state. For example, I was traveling on two days ago all day and had just one large meal in the middle of the day – Chinese food buffet – and yesterday I was feeling “not right” with something that felt like a stopped up head – I wasn’t feeling right. After consideration, I recognized it as the MSG effect that I have had before. Fresh raw vegetables and fruits, no MSG, and smaller portions throughout the day is my usual approach to diet. It only took one day of bad diet to make me feel less effective. One of our clients is pushing simple things like this to help fix the health care system in the US. His message is to simply “take care of yourself” and “make good choices” and keep your health out of the hands of the government and drug companies as much as possible. We don’t see eye to eye on everything, but on this, we are in agreement. Quick plug: Check out TheHealthCareFix.com if you would like to participate in this conversation. I look forward to more good stuff from Isabella!

  6. 2009 June 10

    Its awful when you’re in that hole with depression, but I believe you can climb out of it, its a long journey but boy is it worth it, as the suffering and the experience in the long term becomes an asset. Would you agree?

  7. 2009 June 14
    Barney and Alys Keck permalink

    Hi Cory, Just wanted to let you know we love you and are looking forward to your book. It is much needed by people . Uncle Barney and Aunt Alys

  8. 2010 June 23
    Karen (Dobbelaere) Feeney permalink

    Cory: I would very much like to talk with you. I was married to Tom Dobbelaere and our daughter has bi-polar disease. She went through a lot of bad stuff herself (some the same as you) and is finally back on her feet. Her and her five-year old son live with us. Please advise me of your e-mail address.

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