Weekly mental health chat on twitter

2010 February 9
by moritherapy

@Abeeliever from Una Vita Bella on Twitter had a fabulous idea: start a regular mental health chat on twitter (Tuesdays at 9pm CST – hashtag #mhsm). I was fortunate enough to take part in it and will give you a taste of what we talked about. Unfortunately I can’t give you everything because Twitter acted up and only let me review part of it.

What does social media do for mental health?

  • social media gives us a bigger voice and more choice without the fear of stigma.
  • social media can help change laws that govern society and the workplace.
  • further insight, inspiration, and communication
  • recently lost my best friend…not in a good state of mind. My twitter friends, I believe, are saving my life
  • Blogging has been a source of healing and also an avenue for spreading awareness, as well
  • the transparency of social media is a wonderful antidote against the stigma associated with #mentalhealth

Mental Health in the work place

  • companies lose a lot of $ from employees in denial or fear about dealing w/ #mentalhealth issues
  • maybe we should call out employers who stigmatize employees with #mentalhealth problems.
  • i wouldn’t want to work for an employer that had a problem that i openly talk about #mentalhealth


  • labels are neutral. can be used for good ie find diagnosis, treatment, resources or for harm ie stigmatizers
  • calling out stigmatizers is not just for you but for others too afraid to call stigmatizers out
  • there can be stigma attached to talking openly about mental health but sometimes you also find unexpected support.
  • One thing I have noticed lately is that when one opens up on Twitter about struggles, there can be a stigma attached.


  • we should remember that misinformation is also a problem outside of social media and the internet
  • Is misinformation a “big” problem regarding #mentalhealth and social media?
  • around the topic of #ADHD the ignorance & stigma on social media esp twitter far outweighs the facts


  • therapy and social media – maybe social media will change therapy the way it has other ways of communication?
  • Perhaps it can…even in subtle ways… e.g. homework: blog about so and so this week
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